Out-of-Hours Service Fees

From April 2019Cost inc VAT
Standard Consultation (dog, cat, rabbit)£48.00
OOH Fees before 9pm£113.00
OOH Fees after 9pm£159.00
Case transfer referral from member practice (consult/OOH fee)£69.00
Post operative complications (consult/OOH fee)£74.00
Non cavity surgical time (per 15 minus or part thereof)£115.00
Surgery Group 1 (e.g. Exp. Lap., Enucleation)£465.00
Surgery Group 2 (e.g. Splenectomy, Pyometra)£758.00
Surgery Group 3 (e.g. Simple GDV, GI Resection)£994.00
Surgery Group 4 (e.g. Complex GDV, Septic peritonitis)£1251.00
general Anesthesia including induction 0 - 30 Minutes£113.00
I/V fluids (inc. placing of catheter, giving set and first bag)£122.00
Ultrasonography (Global POCUS)£108.00
Radiography first exposure£152.00
Large dog euthanasia and routing cremation£179.00
Cat euthanasia and routine cremation£138.00
Hospitalition Fees
Admit Fee£20.00
Patient care - Stable (per 7 hours or part thereof)£67.00
Patient care - Unstable (per 7 hours or part thereof)£115.00
Patient care - Critical (per 7 hours or part thereof)£172.00