Our Pet Health Club

We believe at Animal Doctors that a preventative approach to your pets health is far better than waiting for your pet to become ill or vulnerable to then treat them. We aim to make looking after looking after your pets as simple and affordable as we can which is why we have created the following Pet Health Club.

Our Pet Health Club is not to be confused with Pet insurance. Our Pet Health Club covers your flea and worm treatments, vaccines and more, which aren’t typically covered by insurance. Please note we do not offer pet insurance at the practice.

No matter the age or wellbeing of your furry friend we offer the Pet Health Club to ensure your pets need are taken care of.

Our pet health club includes:

primary vaccination course or booster*

annual health check with a nurse

monthly flea and worm treatment

biannual tape worm treatment

Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination

10% discount on variation products*

Club prices

The plans are based on weight to ensure your pet is receiving the correct dose of products.


Small<10kg -£19
Medium 10.1>25kg -£22
Large 25.1>40kg -£25
X-Large 40.1>50kg -£32
XX-Large 50.1>65kg -£37


£18 for all weight brackets


For an extra £2 a month your flea and worm treatment can be sent directly to your home every 3 months.

For an additional £25 your plan can include the cost of Vet and Nurse consultations. This plan does not include the cost of any treatment or medication at the appointment.

Our Club is to be paid monthly by direct debit by the company Easy Direct Debits.

*Vaccinations included:

Dogs: Distemper,Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Bordetella.


Cats: Feline Leukaemia, Herpes, Panleukopaenia, Calicivirus.


*Discounts included:

Microchipping, neutering, routine dental procedure (excluding extractions), food and accessories bought from us, skin and coat care products, pre operative blood test, nutraceuticals.


If you would like to join our pet health club scheme please contact our reception team

·       If you cancel at any time other than the anniversary of joining the club, you will be required to pay the practice either the outstanding amount for treatment received or the monthly payments due until the anniversary of your plan whichever is lower.

·       No refunds are payable for any months paid before a pets death except at the discretion of the practice.

·       The practice may require you to make the first payment upfront for the plan to commence.

·       Weight band of plan will be adjusted accordingly to ensure product dosage is correct.